Mould can cause Serious Health Issues- Follow these Steps to Remove


Mould is a terrible fungus that is either green or gray and grows when objects have been left too long in wet warm air. When is grows on carpets it can damage them and it is important that it be removed as soon as it starts to grow. It will eat the fibers of the rug and if left to long it will become increasingly harder to remove. It is best if you figure out how the carpet got wet; broken pipe, leaking window or where ever the water source is coming from and fix it; this is vital.

To remove mould from carpets follow these steps:


* Put on the proper clothing

Protective clothing should be worn such as googles and a face mask. When you begin to remove the mould it will send out spores that could be a health risk if you breathe them in.


* Close off the house but ventilate the room

Close off any other areas in the house. Spores from the mould will spread throughout the house unless you close off all other rooms. Windows and doors to the outside should be open for ventilation.


* Remove the carpet if possible

If you are able to roll up the carpet and take it outside this is the best method to clean it. Spread it out in the direct sunlight for at least 48 hours to dry out and kill the mould. It may take longer than this if carpet is soaked all the way through. If it is a fitted or secured carpet, turn on all overhead lights and pull up the wet area. Any padding that has been soaked should be removed and the carpet should be dried using a dehumidifier or fan.


* Clean and sweep moulds from front and back of carpet

Take a very stiff brush and scrape all mould from the top and bottom of carpet. You then need to vacuum all scrapings up and steam clean complete area.


* Apply anti-mould spray

You will need to use a special mould solution not just a carpet cleaner to remove the mould. Make sure that it penetrates through the carpet when you apply it. Follow instructions on the label and make sure that the solution gets down into the roots of the carpet fiber. If the mould has gotten into the backing, this will be especially hard to clean. You may want to get the advice and services of a professional carpet cleaning service if this has happened. Leave carpet to dry.


*Scrub the spray into carpet

The anti-mould spray should not be rinsed out of the carpet. After applying, scrub it in to both sides and allow it to dry into carpet.

* Reapply anti-mould spray

Once the carpet has completely dried, reapply the mould spray to the infected area and allow to dry again.


* Continue dehumidifying the area/room

At least for a few days after you have completed the cleaning, continue to run a dehumidifier in the room.


* Clean all equipment used

In order to prevent the spores from spreading through your home you will need to disinfect all equipment you have used in this cleaning process. The best cleaning solution is an anti-fungal solution.


It is very important to remove mould from your carpet as it contains allergens which will trigger allergic reactions and in some cases even will produce toxic substances. Some individuals will suffer reactions when inhaling or touching the spores. Mould is very dangerous to many and can cause; irritation of the eyes, skin, nose and lungs even if you are not allergic to it.

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